Mechanical Design and Service

Mechanical Design & Service LLC (MDS) was established as a Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, and Controls contractor in July of 2001. MDS is licensed as an S-350 contractor within the state of Utah.

A trademark of Mechanical Design & Service is our approach to HVAC solutions. Whether it’s the equipment selected, means of finance, time frame for installation, location, or fuel source, MDS has a reputation of finding the proper solution for our client’s needs. The implementation of traditional engineering in non-traditional applications has helped set MDS apart.

With a (4) plus year history and a pool of over 150 years of experience, the variety of projects and the various methods of engineering and installation, is vast. The types of HVAC work completed include the following:
  • DDC controls. MDS not only installs DDC systems, but is also the Utah representative for the Novar brand. With this capability, MDS engineers, programs, installs, commissions and trains tenants and other mechanical contractors. With DDC, MDS has been able to control packaged equipment, VAV systems, Chiller and boiler systems, including pumps, soft starts, and lights. With the Novar product, various facilities from entire malls and industrial applications to single offices have been retrofitted to allow equipment to run as efficiently as possible.
  • Duct is fabricated via modern fabrication shops and installed utilizing industry standards or greater. Not only are standards met, customer needs are part of the criteria for installation. MDS will balance economics and function to ensure the product installed is “best” for the particular project.
  • Piping of all sorts are provided, fitted and installed. From copper to iron, welded, threaded or other connections, MDS is qualified and experienced. The need to subcontract this type of work is not necessary, thus avoiding multiple tiers of mark ups. Also, coordination between various trades is minimized, to help refine an entire projects installation. As with duct installations, industry standards are met or exceeded.
  • Service and Maintenance is a division of the company that highlights the technical parts of the trade. It’s the hallmark of MDS that is most visible to the end user. Through custom scheduling, MDS is able to create maintenance to meet the needs of the customer. Whether it’s seasonal start-ups, monthly maintenance or 100% maintenance (for budgeting total HVAC costs), the service division of MD&S has been established to meet the 24 hour needs of the clients. All phone calls are answered live, 24-hour a day.
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